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Dora Lewis


The JMotive studio offers its production services for vocalists seeking for professional assistance. These services can include assistance in song-writing, producing, mixing, mastering and even video production-simply according to your demands and wishes. Our well experienced team has the capacities to creatively accompany the whole production process and help talents to establish their own unique sound. Located in the very centre of Rotterdam-city, the JMotive studio represents an ideal creative work space with common area, kitchen and bathroom facilities and a terrace with skyline view over all of Rotterdam. The studio, built in 2016 and 2017, is moreover equipped with up-to-date technical tandards for music production. We work fully digital using the latest version of LOGIC PRO with Apollo sound card as well as the latest version of ABLETON LIVE. Further, we run a whole host of virtual instruments and plug ins such as UAD, native instruments and izotope. Our studio stroke production sweet offers the capacity to record two vocalists at a time. Fees depend on the services demanded and are negotiable.


The creative head of the JMotive- Studio is the sound engineer Jason Moe aka J-MOZART. In May this year he unexpectedly decided to leave the UK and move to Rotterdam, where he bounded straight away, personally and professionally, with Joost Nauta and JMotive Entertainment. The producer, born on the 6th of June 1978 in London, has played an active and innovative role in all different areas of the international music industry. In BRIT school, London`s Performing Arts Academy, he mastered the saxophone, acquired production skills and taught the school`s choir. At the age of eighteen, Jay-Mozart graduated from the academy and immediately entered the professional music business. He started to produce for prestigious musicians such as the platinum singer C.J. Lewis, for whom he eventually finalized three albums. Jay-Mozart mainly worked as a BTEC Production and Sound Engineering teacher at London`s Greenwich College. Later in his career, he collaborated with London-based singer and songwriter Andrew Roachford. He did the production work for several solo-projects and also for The Roachford Band and finally went with him on an America-tour.

Moreover, J-Mozart released several dance, garage and 2-step tracks under Roachford`s label M3-Records. He produced for the U.S. Soul and R`n´B-singer Jazmine Sullivan and followingly organized shows of Philadelphian artists in London`s Jazz Café. After producing Dub music with Ras Kwame, he realized albums for Ghetts and Sky Montique, with whom he moreover went on tour. Lately, J-Mozart has for the first time composed his own album “Concrete Pillow”, which presents a merging of soulful R´n`B and Hip Hop elements. For the album, he wrote his own songs, produced all the music and managed his own promotion and video shoots. Recently, he performed several of the album`s songs in London`s Jazz Café. Now he is producing new musical works with JMotive-artists in Rotterdam. What a Bless!

What da motive? JMotive!

Jmotive is a publisher, entertainment association and music label founded in 2015 by Joost Joseph Nauta and established in 2017. The label aims at providing a platform for artistic talents of the Netherland`s upcoming creative capital Rotterdam and establish links to the international professional music scene. Stylistically the label focusses on Carribean Dance music and Tropical Urban music. JMotive seeks to innovate by establishing crossovers between diverse musical genres; between traditional Surinamese, Jamaican, Carribean or Cap Verdian music and modern dance music. Thus, the goal is not only to unite versatile cultures, but moreover different generations of music lovers. JMotive reaches out to people of all sorts of ethnic and social background: Unity is the goal. Music is the glue. JMotive shall become JMovement.

Joost Nauta himself was raised in a Carribean environment in Den Haag and early developed a deep love for Reggae music. Entirely paralyzed since his birth with the exception of two fingers, he never had the opportunity to play music himself: “I cannot be performer or instrumentalist, but I still got the ears!”. Joost Nauta started early with song-writing and finally decided to let his own recording studio built and give birth to JMotive. In collaboration with his confederate and accounting manager Ahmad Schoop, the first signed musicians and a few creative freelancers in the production field, JMotive has become a shared project of loyal support and trust as well as a genuine creative and social mission. JMotive has expanded its creative networks to the U.K., Germany and Austria. So far, joint international efforts with Mr. Tony Owens the First, the Fire House Crew, Sizzla`s Colony Band, Mad Professor as well as the House of Riddim have been undertaken. JMotive has expanded its creative networks to the U.K., Germany and Austria. While several album releases of JMotive`s artists are planned for this summer, the label recently started its first Dutch project with youngsta talents from Hoogvliet. One of the future goals is to establish JMotive`s own radio station.