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Giovani Haddocks, known under his artist`s name J´von was born in Sint Maarten on the 30 th of July in 1982. He started doing music at the age of seventeen, when his high-school teacher in Sint Maarten took notice of his powerful and unique voice. Soon he commenced singing with the Hip Hop collective Deviage Entertainment. Between Hip Hop Dj`s and Rappers, he was the only one able to actually sing with a R`n`B voice. One of his first tracks under the collective “First to know” quickly became a hit on the island. When becoming 20 years old, Giovani settled over to the Netherlands, where his voice once again found attention. He was discovered by a man called Dedrick and thus, he savoured a two year long vocal training by him, which enabled him to develop his voice professionally, apply it manifoldly and find his own style; a mix of Dancehall, urban Reggae and R´n`B sound. When his coach decided that his voice reached a truly professional level, he arranged his first performances in the Netherlands.


J`von began to collaborate with the Remix Crew for a short period of time as well as with K-Liber and worked with them on the hit song “Viber” and its remix. After, he worked under the label Empire Records, where he released the single “Angel Eyes”. From there on though, J´von made the decision to work fully independent and soon opened shows for great international Reggae artists such as Jah Cure, Gyptian, Modern Heritage and Romain Virgo in the Netherlands. When J´von took some time off from the music business in order to figure out what his next move was, he all over sudden encountered the house-music producer Remy Ridotto with who he recorded songs for some time. The song “Diamond Girl” of the year 2016, a product of their collaboration, has become a massive hit in Sint Maarten. Soon after Ridotto moved away to work with Warner Music, J´von happened to meet Joost Nauta and got introduced to JMotive, where he should become one of the first label-signed artists. He incidental ly ran into J-Mozart, who started to take over the creative management and production of the label. Now, J´von is working on a new album with many hit-tracks produced by J-Mozart.