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Jmotive is a publisher, entertainment association and music label founded in 2015 by Joost Joseph Nauta and established in 2017. The label aims at providing a platform for artistic talents of the Netherland`s upcoming creative capital Rotterdam and establish links to the international professional music scene. Stylistically the label focusses on Carribean Dance music and Tropical Urban music. JMotive seeks to innovate by establishing crossovers between diverse musical genres; between traditional Surinamese, Jamaican, Carribean or Cap Verdian music and modern dance music. Thus, the goal is not only to unite versatile cultures, but moreover different generations of music lovers. JMotive reaches out to people of all sorts of ethnic and social background: Unity is the goal. Music is the glue. JMotive shall become JMovement.



Giovani Haddocks, known under his artist`s name J´von was born in Sint Maarten on the 30 th of July in 1982. He started doing music at the age of seventeen, when his high-school teacher in Sint Maarten took notice of his powerful and unique voice. Soon he…..


Fullanny, a Dancehall and Reggae artist located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, has succeeded in bringing international attention to the Dutch Reggae movement. Born in Rotterdam in 1983, as Orlando Gambier, the son of Surinamese migrants…..

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Can you sing? You got talent?

We at Jmotive are allways looking for new talent, Cause the world needs a new bob marley, buju banton or luciano. So doe you think that you got talent? send us your demo and convince us that you are the new superstar we are looking for.